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Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living. and above all, pity those who have been watching How I Met Your Mother for nearly a decade and got a really really shitty excuse of a final episode
—friend of mine

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So….I haven’t been on tumbr because my computer is still mia. The motherboard is broken and yea, still hunting for one. That said.

I just watched the how i met your mother series finale and now i’m just like….what the fuck were the writers thinking. You give us an entire season of barney and robin wedding drama and then they get divorced three years later? Fuck that bullshit. And fuck Robin and Ted ending up together after the writers shoved Barney and Robin down our throat. And really, killing off the mom so that Robin and Ted could be together? And making the kids a hundred percent ok with it? For fucks sake. I can’t even…the logic just went out the window and there was so much wrong with this and I want to recon seeing any of this.




Imagine the #overlyhonestmethods posts from Carlos’s team of scientists.

"This paper is shorter than normal due to the primary researcher turning into a tree before she could finish it."

"Test subjects were selected randomly by loitering outside Big Rico’s and offering illicit bread crust for all participants."

"Experiment time intervals were carefully chosen so that Carlos would actually be on time for his date for once."

"Potential errors include time loss from that cancelled Wednesday, the fact that the local government legally forbid us from mentioning the source of the data, and the loss of a substantial amount of recorded notes that were replaced with dead silence and the smell of vanilla."

"Some results were altered to sound more normal so we don’t get our funding revoked."

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"the year of luigi is over"


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A moment of silence for all the female characters i didn’t get to appreciate in the past because of  internalized misogyny.

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what the heckies does “:3c” means



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i love netflix reviews that go like, “we loved this” or “we can’t wait for season 2.” ones where they use “we” a lot. because you know it’s some couple who watched something and then one of them wrote it up, but it’s more fun to pretend it’s like, a mass of ants acting as one organism with a single hive mind.

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